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Wednesday 04 November 2014


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  • British Electoral Commission Tries to Undermine the Democratic Republican Party - Unless They Are Not Fit For Purpose

Peter Kellow, DRP Leader, writes

An official British political party such as the Democratic Republican Party is registered with The Electoral Commission.

In order for our democracy to function it is fundamental that the commission must be independent and without bias. That is obvious to all who believe in democracy.

When you apply to register a political party one of the key roles of The Electoral Commission is to approve the name of the party and verify that it cannot be confused with any existing parties that are already registered. That is a fundamental role for which we must assume they are competent.

The tax payer pays for this service and is entitled to expect probity and efficiency.

You may imagine my surprise when I received the following from The Electoral Commission

I am writing to inform you that we have conducted a review of party identity marks (party names, descriptions, and emblems) on the registers of political parties. .....

The review came to the view that your party name Democratic Republican Party is similar to another previously registered party name  .....

We appreciate that you registered your party in February 2012 and that you have used the name in campaigns since. We have now taken into account recent elections, our review and research that we commissioned. ....

Accordingly this letter requests that you apply to make changes to your party name and notifies you of how the Commission will proceed in the event of this not taking place.

You may read the whole letter here

There are only two possible interpretations of this letter

  1. The Electoral Commission is incompetent and not fit for purpose
  2. A deliberate attempt is being made to undermine a republican party

Here is the text of my reply

Dear Laura Tettmar

I am truly astonished at your request. The fact that I have even received it demonstrates a lack of competence at The Electoral Commission. If you are not capable of irrevocably assigning new names to new parties then The Electoral Commission is clearly not fit for purpose. This is one of your absolutely primary functions

Since registration we have invested enormous time and money establishing our name on our very large website www.democraticrepublicanparty.co.uk and with regular newsletters and circulars and activity on the social media. We have carefully constructed videos on YouTube promoting our name. The acronym DRP is widely used.

Our name is now very well established with the main internet search engines and we are very satisfied with the rankings we receive with any reasonably defined search. It would be unthinkable to try to unpick this position which has taken time to build. (Repeated trial searches on the net of the other party mentioned in your letter failed to reveal any web presence whatsoever.)

To change our name would lead inevitably to confusion and loss of communications and supporters. It would undermine the identity of the party that we have so carefully constructed.

It would also be catastrophically expensive in time and energy as well as money.

And what you are requesting would set back immeasurably the campaign we are planning for the General Election 2015 that we have been building up to since before our registration and we will certainly field a number of candidates.

It would be damaging to the democratic functioning of the United Kingdom for it would be a clear demonstration that the British democracy is loaded against new parties.

Of course we are aware of the huge pressure that the monarchist establishment can bring to bear on intuitions of all types to stifle the republican view and we have written on several occasions how, for instance, the BBC, our national broadcasting service, distorts history in pursuit of its monarchist bias.

And this is not the first time in our history that a similarly bizarre change of mind by a noted institution has occurred

We find it very difficult to believe that The Electoral Commission is as incompetent as your letter indicates.

If you do not wish to see the name of Democratic Republican Party as the name of a British political party, you have only one option.

You will have to ban the party.

It will then be for the electorate to interpret the true reasons for the ban.

I look forward to receiving in short order your withdrawal of your request together with an apology for presenting it to us in the first place.

In any case we will take no further action on the matter and will continue unstoppably to advance and plan our political campaign for May 2015 under the name of Democratic Republican Party.


Peter Kellow

Leader Democratic Republican Party

We will not yield to this pressure.

The Democratic Republican Party will continue its campaign regardless of attacks by the monarchist establishment!


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