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Sunday 07 June 2015

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  • The Unstoppable Drive Towards the Third Feudalism and the Third World War

Chris Hedges is one of those rarities - a journalist with integrity. And when he comments on current events is accurate. Here he gives his prognosis for the future. The newsletter is a response to the thesis he presents

Chris Hedges

Hedges's thesis implies that the people have the wisdom to understand what is happening - but the western elite does not make the mistake that the Soviets made of educating the people. It wisely dumbs them down.

This is how it creates the unstoppable drive towards the Third Feudalism.

The Second Feudalism followed the Napoleonic wars when people were driven into penury to be rescued only by super productive new technology of a burgeoning modernity.

The First World War was an attempt to reverse this tendency but temporarily failed in the face of new productive capability. The result was the "golden age" of the thirty years following the Second World War

The Third Feudalism is created by putting everyone into debt slavery from which they cannot escape so ensuring the massive new productivity does not enrich people.

The idea that the old socialist agenda can have any traction on the situation is hopelessly naive.

Marxism was merely Adam Smith theory turned inside out - it relied on the same fundamental concepts about human nature and the political economy.

Furthermore, the Third Feudalism is bolstered by the ongoing manufacture of a new World War making the stopping of the process virtually impossible.

The drive to war has its origin mainly in one country - the United States - where democracy is in total breakdown and has been captured by a financial elite bent on world domination. However the same financial elite largely runs other countries - notable the United Kingdom.

The European Union is largely an American creation for a union of states is easier to control and manipulate. A currency union plays into the hand of American and global finance for it enables them to extend control with ease.

The enemies in the war are less important that the need for the war itself. They can be Russia, China, Iran - it matters little. Wherever the conflict begins, few will be able to avoid being drawn in.

The war when it comes will generate a holocaust of nations from which there can only be one winner - extra national financial power – more or less a repeat of what happened after the first and second world war but with more force. We will then enter a new dark age from which any renaissance will be unimaginable.

The familiar alternative of leftist socialism is meat and drink to the elite for it is not a real alterative but a reassertion of the financial capitalist theory by inversion.  

The latter thus confirms its dominance. Everything about the level of political discussion all around us demonstrates a total indoctrination of the people meaning the truth about what is happening has no chance of getting through. Radicals like Chris Hedges are bereft of solutions.

To make any difference we would need to reclaim the progressive capitalism of the late seventeenth and early eighteenth century and reclaim the gains of the enlightenment, but so powerful is the grip of Smithian/Marxian thinking that this will not happen.



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